My 2020 Commitment to the EUC Community

I’ve been a part of the EUC community since the beginning and I’ve seen it grow into something more than just about technology. People coming together to support and help others in ways I don’t think any one of us could have foreseen about 20 years ago. This community is special and I am extremely proud to be part of it. As such, I want to renew my commitment to the community. What does this mean? First, I am going to try to attend more events during 2020. I’m already committed to the EUC Masters Retreat and E2EVC Madrid. In … Continue reading My 2020 Commitment to the EUC Community

Take the Time and Invest in Yourself

I’ve been posting on twitter a bit about investing in yourself. This is important in any field but especially tech. Technology is constantly changing and if you don’t keep up, you will be left behind and that is NEVER good. You don’t want to go the way of an Exchange administrator. Remember those? When was the last time you met someone actively managing exchange server on-prem? Are they out there? Sure, but it’s a sliver of what it used to be. I remember sitting in meetings with many of these people and they fought tooth and nail on moving to … Continue reading Take the Time and Invest in Yourself

VDI: The Promise of VDI is Finally Here

A bit ago Brian Madden posted an article on LinkedIn proclaiming VDI had won the war against RDSH.  I did respond there making the argument that is there is no winner or loser or even a war.  The technologies are not mutually exclusive and will continue to coexist for many, many years.  Shoot there are still fax machines out there that are in use today and I’m still waiting on the paperless office promised in the 80’s.  BUT Brian does bring up a good point, adoption is on the rise of virtual desktops.  Why is this though?  Continue reading VDI: The Promise of VDI is Finally Here