Ch-ch-ch-changes!!!!! Updates on my YouTube Channel and Partnering with DJ Eshelman!

Been a while since I’ve blogged but I wanted to fill everyone in on some changes. First, I started my own YouTube channel here.  Please go and check out the video’s.  There you’ll find things much like I’m doing here.  Opinions on everything from tech to sports, career advice that will hopefully help anyone avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past and showcase the successes as well.  This is all new to me so it’s all getting going a little slow but I’m learning as I go along.  Content and quality will be constantly updated. Second, this ties directly … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes!!!!! Updates on my YouTube Channel and Partnering with DJ Eshelman!

My 2020 Commitment to the EUC Community

I’ve been a part of the EUC community since the beginning and I’ve seen it grow into something more than just about technology. People coming together to support and help others in ways I don’t think any one of us could have foreseen about 20 years ago. This community is special and I am extremely proud to be part of it. As such, I want to renew my commitment to the community. What does this mean? First, I am going to try to attend more events during 2020. I’m already committed to the EUC Masters Retreat and E2EVC Madrid. In … Continue reading My 2020 Commitment to the EUC Community

Owen Health Update – 2 Years On

Last year I wrote about my son Owen and his battle with Pediatric Folicular Lymphoma.  Next week marks the two year anniversary of him going into emergency surgery and the diagnosis of cancer.  May 30, 2018 he was officially in remission and the overall prognosis going forward is nothing but positive. The story doesn’t quite end there though.  As I stated in the original article, Owen and school were not a good mix.  He hated school, he hated his teachers (except for a couple of wonderful people), he fought every day to not go.  This had been going on since … Continue reading Owen Health Update – 2 Years On

A Lifetime in 7 Months

A lot has happened in the time that I was let go from Citrix.  If you simply look at the last 7 months of my employment, it certainly doesn’t look good but as with most anything in this world there is more to the story.  Never judge a book by its cover as they say. Around Thanksgiving in 2017 my 13 year old son started having occasional stomach pains.  These would typically happen during school.  After a week or so of having to pick him up from school because of the pain we took him to his pediatrician.  The doctor … Continue reading A Lifetime in 7 Months