Soft Skills Training – One of the most important, yet very overlooked, skills any customer facing technical person must learn is to be able to communicate clearly and succinctly.  Whether its demoing a product, presenting to an audience or simply chatting to a client while implementing something, the ability to communicate is crucial not only for the employee but the company as well.

Learning a product or new technology is the easy part but someone that can speak to IT administrators all the way up to executives is a treasure. Being able to stand up in front of a large group of people and present on something is icing on the cake.

Speaking – I speak on many topics in technology including End User Computing. I always tailor my engagements to the audience and the desire of the company I’m speaking for

Technical Marketing – I will work with your marketing team on technical marketing material, blogs, white papers and other documents whether it’s editing, reviewing or writing. I also am happy to work booths at shows and conventions.

Technical Advisor – I will work with your product group to review existing and future functionality and features or work with your organization to discuss changes in direction or product strategy and hone the new message and where it may or may not fit.

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