Will WVD change the landscape of remoting apps and desktops?

Hey everyone! Take a look at my thoughts on how Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) will fundamentally change remoting apps and desktops. I would absolutely love to hear what you think about this. Am I crazy (well, duh)? Am I right on the button? Somewhere in-between? You can always email me, tweet, linkedin, etc etc etc. Enjoy!!!! Continue reading Will WVD change the landscape of remoting apps and desktops?

Have I Disappeared?

Absolutely not BUT you would be correct to say I haven’t had a ton of time to update this site or my YouTube channel. I’ve had a few things going on but most importantly is my work with DJ Eshelman and the Thrive-IT livecast we do once a week. We are working on expanding from just the livecast to other facets as well including website, webinars, training, etc all based around helping technical people with soft skills and other non-technical pieces of peoples careers. All of this will hopefully be coming very soon but in the meantime enjoy the YouTube … Continue reading Have I Disappeared?

Remission Anniversary for Owen!

Two years ago today, my son Owen was given the all clear and declared to be in remission from Pediatric Follicular Lymphoma. The Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids is second to none and my family will always be eternally grateful. Dr. Deanna Mitchell is a one of kind doctor and I cannot say thank you enough for everything you did for us. I also want to thank Workspot and especially Michael Keen for giving me the time needed to be with my family and especially Owen during his treatments. I will always be sad that things didn’t work out … Continue reading Remission Anniversary for Owen!

My Upcoming Projects and Call for Reviewers

Hi everyone! After taking a much needed break from social media, I am revved up and ready to go.  It is amazing how taking a break, no matter how small, can change your attitude.  The constant influx of information, both good and, especially now, bad can be extremely overwhelming and you don’t even notice how it’s dragging you down until you take that break.  BUT here I am and I want to lay out some plans of mine for the foreseeable future in regards to content. First and foremost, I am going to be starting a YouTube channel.  I plan … Continue reading My Upcoming Projects and Call for Reviewers

Windows Virtual Desktop and What It’s Release Truly Means

Since Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) at last years Ignite (2018), there has been a lot of conversation around it.  I’ve even written on it and discussed at length through various mediums.  I must admit, I like what Microsoft is doing BUT it’s not necessarily from a technical perspective.  A lot of people focus on it and comparing it to Citrix and VMware Horizon View and others.  I think they are missing the whole point of WVD. Microsoft has traditionally paid, more or less, lip services to Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services.  For years, virtual desktops have not … Continue reading Windows Virtual Desktop and What It’s Release Truly Means