I think I figured out why Microsoft is moving Remote Desktop Services from server to client

I wrote a blog on WVD the other day and I mentioned something in it and I want to buckle down on this assertion.  I truly believe I have figured out the reason WHY Microsoft came out with Windows 10 Multi-user.  It has nothing to do with any reason I’ve previously spouted but it comes down to one simple reason (if someone has already spoken about this, I apologize then.  I  simply haven’t seen anyone come out with this assertion).

No other cloud vendor can independently run Windows client in their cloud

That’s it.  Simple as that.  Windows Server, including the RDSH role, can be deployed by every cloud vendor out there all day, every day.  The ONLY way to get Windows client licenses into clouds other than Azure is to bring your own.  By taking away RDSH from server and eventually moving it exclusively to client and client only runs in Azure without needing to BYO and Windows client multi-user being Azure only, man, if you want application delivery through a multi-user operating system, you are suddenly looking at an Azure future.  Maybe not now but down the road you sure are.

The question becomes, will this stick?  Will multi-user be Azure only?  Who knows…it wouldn’t be the first time that a vendor would back down if nobody buys and if no one moves to Windows 10 MU or Office 365 revenue drops because people move back to perpetual licensing or whatever, maybe Microsoft blinks or maybe they don’t.  In the past, I would’ve said Microsoft would stick to their guns and be stubborn but this is not that Microsoft anymore.

That’s my take on the change to client for multi-user.  What do you think?